Millennium Digital Marketing History
Millennium Digital Marketing was originally Millennium Digital Consulting and was founded by Christopher Curiale in 2011.  Christopher graduated Stony Brook University in 2006 with a Degree in Business Management and Science.  As a teenager and throughout college Christopher was fascinated with technology and enjoyed creating digital images and content.  After college, Christopher worked as a Project Manager for contractors throughout New York City.  Because Chris enjoyed technology so much friends, family and the contractors he worked for would frequently ask him to create digital advertisements and websites.  At the beginning of 2014 Christopher was working on a project restoring the beach, boardwalk and parks that were destroyed by hurricane Sandy in Far Rockaway, NY.  In May of 2014 Christopher was offered a position working for the City of New York as a Technology Coordinator and quickly grew in his career with the City, receiving four promotions between 2014 and 2018.  As his career with the City of New York grew so did his technical abilities and skills.  In 2019 Christopher had built his 1,000th website and Millennium Digital Consulting was receiving requests to build three to five websites a week.  In November of 2019 Christopher changed Millennium Digital Consulting to Millennium Digital Marketing LLC. and in January 2020 he left his job as a Senior Media Education Coordinator with the City of New York to put all of his time and energy into doing what he loves most creating websites, applications and digital content for small businesses and individuals.  Millennium Digital Marketing LLC. is proud to offer premiere services using the best technologies in the world at a fraction of what large firms charge.  Help spread the word and make these services that have only been available to those that could afford tens of thousands of dollars available to everyone! Check out our website at, check out our social media pages and if you like what you see tell a friend or family member about our services.  If you have a question contact us anytime at: 

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