Included in all Websites & Applications We Create, Maintain & Update


Google Analytics   Facebook Analytics   Twitter Analytics   YouTube Analytics

Included No Additional 100% Free with all websites


On a quarterly basis clients receive:

  • An easy to read analysis of all analytic data collected

  • Customer trends associated with all sites and pages

  • Report detailing ways to increase digital marketing productivity

  • What platforms or Ad's are doing well and which are not 

Analytics is the collection of data and information. Web based analytics are used to track website, blog, social media and other internet activity. The most common tracked activities includes:

  • How a website or page was landed or found by a visitor

  • What a visitor did on the website or page

  • The amount of time spent on the website or page

  • What other websites and pages was the visitor exploring when they landed on your page

  • The visitors interests and internet trends 

This information is critical before spending time and money on paid advertisements. Once the analytics are reviewed we use them to make improvements and fine tune a marketing plan. Millennium will inform clients of what digital tools are working for them, any that may need improvements and if it's in the clients interest to pursue paid ads.


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