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A website can be the single most important marketing tool for any business or individual. However, a website that isn't seen or known by the targeted audience is a waste of time and money. The website designers at Millennium Digital Marketing ensure that every website we build for every client we have is built on the correct platform and custom designed in a way that maximizes potential and meets the needs of every individual client.


With recent coding upgrades and the implementation HTML 5/ CSS owning a website and having an online presence has never been move affordable and available. However, it can be difficult deciding what platform to use, features to include, the layout of information, plug-ins and other additions are needed to maximize traffic and increase profits. The website design staff at Millennium Digital Marketing are some of the worlds best professionals in web design and kept up to date with all of the latest internet trends, platforms, plug-ins, SEO patterns and all of the other options that emerge in the world of website design and maintenance.

When a client contacts us to build a website our staff will work closely with the client from the first consultation, through the design phase, implementation and ongoing maintenance associated with having a website. 



Step One


Call, email or use our online scheduling system to schedule a free consultation with one of our Project Managers. The project manager will be your personal assistant and by your side throughout the all phases of your website including the design phase, publishing & implementation phase and if applicable any on-going maintenance.    

Step Two

The Project Manager will gather some basic information about what you are building a website for, what you're looking to get out of the website and then make recommendations regarding which platforms would be best suited for your website. The Project Manager will also provide projected estimates that include what the final costs would be for the various services we recommend for your website. 


All price quotes are guaranteed for 10 days after consultation. Shop around, ask us any questions you have and when you're ready let us know if you'd like us to work for you as your personal web design experts.

Step Three

If you decide to hire us we will gather some more information about your website desires, show you some designs that would work well for you and start designing your website! Your Project Manager will share digital copies of every page of your website as they are created and make sure you are happy with them. If there is anything you'd like to change just let your Project Manager know and the changes will be made. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and final payment is not collected until you are fully satisfied with the website we design!

Step Four


If you decide to purchase one of our continued maintenance packages making changes or updating information in your website is as easy as making a phone call or sending us an email.




We treat all of our clients as lifetime partners and include free monthly emails to keep you and your team informed of any new trends, updates and new options that are associated with the websites we build.



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